About Our Pups

The pups in our care come from overcrowded shelters where they were at risk for euthanization. They have either been dropped off by previous owners for various reasons or picked up by local animal control personnel. Many are confused, scared, and have unknown histories.  We bring these pups into our care and nurture them by providing proper nutrition, immunizations, worming, socialization, and any other needed health care interventions required for their well-being.  Each pup is microchipped, has received their age appropriate vaccinations, has been wormed, and has been spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Our goal is to find each pup a loving family committed to providing stable lifelong care.  Because of this our application and adoption process may feel complex but please know that our goal is to make the best adoption choice for each pup.

Applicant Adoption Criteria

  Eligible applicants possess the following:

  • Are 18 years of age or older and have identification that verifies your age.
  • Have secured consent to have a pup by all adults residing in the home.
  • If you rent, you must have written consent from your landlord to have a pup in your home knowing any applicable breed or weight restrictions as indicated on your lease agreement. This could be a letter from your landlord or a lease agreement that states you are allowed to have a pup on the premises.  If you lease states you need written consent from the landlord, please provide us with proof of that written consent.
  • For homeowners, a copy of your tax record or mortgage statement as proof that you own your home.
  • Live in a city whose breed restriction policies do not affect the pup of your choice.
  • Have the financial means to care for a pup including healthy food, training, toys, and a comfortable space to rest, and emergent and routine veterinary bills.
  • A commitment to providing a life-long loving environment for the pup you choose.
  • A willingness to complete the adoption application and agree to the terms of the adoption application.
  • Are willing to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations that apply to dog ownership. 

Adoption Process

Once your application has been received you will receive a confirmation email.  

  • We review applications in the order they are received and will contact all appropriate contacts provided to help with the decision making process.
  • After a thorough review of your application we will contact each potential adopter via email to provide next steps which may include a phone interview or Zoom interview, and/or home visit.
  • From the interview we decide who to invite to meet the pups.  
  • We then send invitations to those chosen adopters to meet the pup(s) they are interested in adopting.

Due to the COVID 19 Social Distancing recommendations we have changed our Meet & Greet Policy to address your safety as well as that of our team. The following protocol is how we currently conduct our Meet & Greets with our eligible adopters:  

  • Eligible adopters are contacted via email to set up a 30-minute time slot to meet our pups.
  • Eligible adopters are provided a copy of our contract via email and are instructed to print out, review, and initial and sign in the appropriate places.  This contract must be brought to the Meet & Greet in case it is decided to move forward with the adoption.
  • Our Meet and Greet's are held in an outdoor venue, so the weather must be conducive to meeting the pups.  We reserve the right to change the date and time of the Meet & Greet if the weather is unfavorable.
  • .We ask that only two members of a party attend the Meet & Greet.
  • All Meet & Greet attendees MUST wear a mask.  You will not be allowed to visit if you don't wear a mask.  Masks are NOT provided by Innocent Paws Puppy Rescue so please secure your own.  
  • Once you arrive at the Meet & Greet venue you will have been given an email address to contact to let us know you have arrived.
  • You will need to remain in your vehicle until you've been asked to exit so that our team members can set up a playpen next to your vehicle.
  • Hand sanitizer will be required to be applied to your hands prior to visiting our pups.  
  • Team members will place the pup you are interested in potentially adopting in the playpen area for you to visit.
  • During the visit we will answer questions you may have to the best of our knowledge.
  • If the pup and applicant are deemed a good fit we can then move forward with the adoption. 
  • The contract will be provided to the Innocent Paws team member for completion and will be emailed to you along with a copy of the pup's medication/vaccination record before you leave the Meet & Greet venue.
  • Adoption fees are paid at the time of adoption either by credit card or cash.


  1. Is there an adoption fee?  Yes, each animal  on our site and partner sites have their adoption fee listed.
  2. Why is there a fee to adopt?  The pups received in our rescue require care and attention including but not limited to: health certificates, transport, vaccinations, worming, medical care, food, and supplies.  The adoption fees are used to offset these costs, however they do not completely cover all costs.  
  3. When can I meet the pup(s) I'm Interested in adopting?  We are a foster based rescue and therefore do not have a central location.  We have "Meet & Greet/Adoption Events" where eligible applicants can come meet the puppies.  Eligible applicants receive an email with the date, time, and location of our events and are encouraged to visit early in the event as adoptions are made on a first come first served basis if the pup and applicant are found to be the right fit.
  4. What is an eligible applicant?  Eligible applicants complete an online adoption application and provide the documentation requested to process the application.  Once our team has processed the application the eligible applicant receives an email inviting her/him to an upcoming adoption event to meet the pup(s) s/he is interested in adopting.   In order to meet our puppies one must be an eligible applicant.
  5. Can I enter the adoption event and meet the puppies without completing and application?  No.  Our adoption events are created for those serious about adopting and who are willing to move through our process.  If you are not wanting to adopt but want to pet and play with puppies, please consider fostering.  We are always in need of fosters to provide a safe haven for our pups to live until they become eligible for adoption.  We also have a cool program called "Foster to Forever"  Check out our fostering page for more details.   
  6. How can I meet a mother dog?  Mother dogs do not typically attend our adoption events as they tend to be more overwhelmed by this environment.  If you are interested in meeting and adopting one of our mothers, please know we will contact you to discuss meeting her once we receive your application.
  7. If I come to an event, am I guaranteed the puppy of my choice?  No.  The only situation one can be guaranteed the pup of one's choice is if one participates in our fostering program or our "Foster to Forever" program.  Our fosters receive adoption priority with the pups in their care.  
  8. What if I don't get the pup I want?  We take in pregnant moms, moms with litters, and motherless litters a few times each month and therefore have new puppies each month.  We encourage you to follow our website, Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet, and our Facebook page for puppy updates.  We will keep your application on file so if you find a pup you are interested in just email us and let us know you have an application on file and the name(s) of the pup(s) you're interested in meeting.  Also, we are ALWAYS in need of fosters, if you are really wanting a pup please consider fostering!
  9. Why do I have to show proof of residency?  As part of our due diligence we want to ensure that our pups move to homes that are willing and able to accommodate them.  The last thing we want is for a pup to go home only to find out they are not allowed to live there and have to be returned to the rescue or be placed elsewhere.  This is very traumatic on both pup and adopter.
  10. Why are all dogs altered before adoption?  As a rescue we feel it's most responsible to have each pup altered prior to adoption so as not to contribute to the pet overpopulation epidemic.
  11. Can I adopt littermates?  It is strongly recommended that littermates not be adopted together.  The research suggests that when littermates are adopted together they tend to bond with each other more closely than to their new owners.  This impacts the pup-human relationship making  communicating and training more challenging.  There are many ways to socialize your new puppy that don't require adopting littermates.
  12. What is a breed restricted area and do I live in one?  If you reside in Colorado, there are certain areas within the state that ban certain dog breeds, specifically those classified as "bully" breeds.  Currently "bully" breed restricted communities include:  Aurora, Commerce City, Denver, Lone Tree, and Louisville.  We do not adopt pups that have any appearance of being a bully breed to applicants who live in these communities.  Click here for more information.  Many apartment complexes reserve the right to restrict the breeds of dogs they allow on their properties.  Please research your community's rules prior to applying for a pup.  
  13. What is the exact breed of my pup?  The mothers and puppies that come to us usually come with very little history.   We typically do not know the breed of the father and our mother dogs are usually a mix of different breeds.  We do our best to identify breed characteristics when posting the breed of each dog, but please know it's our best educated guess and therefore we cannot guarantee a verifiable breed.  If after adopting, one wants to know the actual mix of the puppy, there are a variety of DNA tests available to purchase at the adopters expense.  
  14. How does the microchip work? All of our puppies are microchipped through Petstablished.  Our mother dogs may have been microchipped prior to entering our care and therefore may be registered with another company.  The microchip is not a GPS, rather it contains contact information that can be used to find a pup's owner if they become lost.  All Petstablished microchips are registered for life so there is no need to register the chip with another company.  Once an adoption is completed, the microchip registration is transferred to the adopter and the rescue is listed as a second point of contact. The adopter is able to modify/change the contact information with Petstablished if/when needed.
  15. Do you ship out of state?  We do not ship our pups out of state.  If you are inquiring about a pup and live outside the state of Colorado, you will need to be present for the meet and greet and adoption if it is determined that you and the pup are the best fit.  If you do adopt a pup and you live outside the state of Colorado you will need to make safe travel arrangements to get your dog home, preferably taking the dog home with you.  Innocent Paws Puppy Rescue does not pay for or handle transport across state lines.
  16. What am I signing up for?  Please click on the file link below labeled "IPPR ADOPTION AGREEMENT" to view a copy of the adoption contract that is signed by every adopter.  We suggest you review it in its entirety so that you understand what you are committing to in adopting a pup from us.


Have another question?  Contact us.  

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